2014 Game 4

2014 Game 4

White: Crazy Stone

Black: Franz-Josef Dickhut, 6 Dan

Black wins by resignation

Total Score after this game: Crazy Stone – Franz-Josef Dickhut: 1-3

The fourth and last game in this best-of-five match was also the clearest win for Franz-Josef Dickhut. Very early in the game, Crazy Stone allowed Black to secure a huge territory in the upper right in return for a gigantic, but very vague and weakly defended moyo (a big possible territory not yet secure) in the rest of the board. Shortly thereafter, Crazy Stone lost a big group on the right side. After this the game was over.

It seems that Crazy Stone had enormous difficulties to evaluate the overall position: The life-and-death status of its group on the right side, the safety of its moyo and the possibilities in the upper left and lower right corners. As a result, Crazys Stone played a series of strange tenukis (leaving the area of action and playing somewhere else) that tended to make matters only worse.

In this critical phase Crazy Stone seemed to have played worse than at other times during this match. According to Remi Coulom, the bot experienced technical problems, disconnections, and as a consequence a ghost engine that ate away half the computing power at the most critical period of the game.

But we should not forget Franz-Josef Dickhut’s part of the equation. It takes a truly strong and experienced player to cash in the profit from Crazy Stone’s errors. Dickhut coolly kept his nerves through all the wild tenukis of Crazy Stone and patiently solidified and enhanced his lead. Congratulations to Franz-Josef Dickhut for a convincing 3-1 win over Crazy Stone!

If you want to download game in SGF format, please click here.