2014 Game 3

2014 Game 3

White: Franz-Josef Dickhut, 6 Dan

Black: Crazy Stone

White wins by resignation

Total Score after this game: Crazy Stone – Franz-Josef Dickhut: 1-2

With the impressions about the game still fresh, it seems that Franz-Josef Dickhut has now found the antidote against Crazy Stone. Already the strategy of Dickhut with the white stones looked prepared and unusual: Take all four corners and establish a group in the center – challenging Crazy Stone to get enough points elsewhere to still win the game.

The price paid for this was handing influence and the initiative over to Crazy Stone for large parts of the middle game – and bots tend to work very well with influence. At one point, Black had a white dragon – a large but weak group of stones – to attack in the center of the board. But one seemingly slack move – no. 77 on h12 – allowed White to grasp the initiative again.

One other tactic seems to have been relevant for Black’s final downfall: There were a lot of Kos on the board, and even more important, many potential Kos. One especially nasty one on S15 remained on the board for a very long time. Crazy Stone appears to have difficulties evaluating and playing Kos. One can only guess that it is wasting a lot of computing power in the playout of Kos without getting much return on this investment.

Another road block for a correct evaluation of the situation by Crazy Stone was the position in the upper left corner. Monte Carlo playouts give these black stones a small chance of survival whereas every go player beyond beginner level knows the black stones are dead. Thus it is only natural that Crazy Stone resigned the game after it actually tried to revive these stones and failed, realizing that all hopes for this corner were in vain.

Anyway, Dickhut now looks as the clear favorite again that everyone considered him to be before he lost that first game so surprisingly.

If you want to download game in SGF format, please click here.