2014 Game 1

2014 Game 1

White: Franz-Josef Dickhut, 6 Dan

Black: Crazy Stone

Black wins with 1,5 points.

Total Score after this game: Crazy Stone – Franz-Josef Dickhut: 1-0

The first round of the codecentric go challenge 2014 has been played – and what a match it was! Before the start of the tournament, both players considered Franz-Josef Dickhut, the human contender, to be the clear favorite (https://blog.codecentric.de/en/2014/10/codecentric-go-challenge-2014-interviews-franz-josef-dickhut-remi-coulom/). Maybe Franz-Josef took his programmed opponent too lightly, but whatever the reason: Crazy Stone won the first game with 1,5 points, giving away a couple of points in the very last endgame moves in order to make its win bomb-proof, as many go-programs do.

Both sides were exchanging large chunks of territory freely in this first game, and if the human side is not always very conscious about what happens and what the score is at every single move and thus falls behind just once, the go-bots are extremely good at just holding onto even the slightest lead with ferocious tenacity. This, in my first impression, is what seems to have happened here.

I freely admit that this result is quite a surprise for me. We will see if and how Franz-Josef manages to rebound from this defeat. Round two will be played next Saturday, October 11th, 4pm CEST.

If you want to download game in SGF format, please click here.