2015 Game 1

2015 Game 1

White: Franz-Josef Dickhut, 6 Dan

Black: Zen

Black wins by 1,5 points

Total Score after this game: Zen – Franz-Josef Dickhut: 1-0

What a game in round 1! Franz-Josef had had this experience before: Losing the first round by 1,5 points. Last year he may have been surprised by the strength of the bot. This year he definitely wanted to avoid a first round loss as he made clear in his pre-match interview.

It seems that Zen’s key to victory was to keep the game close until the yose (endgame). Franz-Josef was in byoyomi for a large part of the game and probably just played a little bit inefficiently in the yose. And we know that bots are absolutely ruthless in capitalizing on such opportunities.

Go Game Guru has published an analysis of the game here.

If you want to download game in SGF format, please click here.